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Jaquilyn Pierce, having been hardened by cruel beginnings, decided to revamp her life and own her happiness. A part time bounty hunter and a damn good one at that, she's made a life for herself despite past failings. She’s a skilled fighter, capable and rather intimidating to men. But no ordinary man has set his sights on her.

A creature made of lust and darkness has made her the object of his lust. Thanks to her strong spirit he is free to plague the Earth again. It is only befitting, that he repays her with nothing less than desire, promise of power and passion she been denied all her life.

Let The Merging begin.

Blissful existence within their personal Eden has now come to a screeching halt as Jaquilyn and Asmodeus' find themselves at war with an ancient force that seeks to destroy them and all they hold dear. An ancient feud has now arisen, as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. They must abandon their comforts to become the unsung heroes of a world that once rejected them both. All in hopes that mankind will be free of this new and insideous evil.

Let the war begin.

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